Sarvar-Tarabar international transportation company make it easey to transport your cargo anywhere with best Quality and in different ways such as Air-transportation,Ground-Transportation,Maritime-Transportation and Railway-Transportation since 1992

ground transportation

In the road section, as a forwarder and carrier, this complex is ready to transport all your cargo by tent trucks, refrigerators, passenger cars and trucks for dear customers.

Maritime Transportation

Our company is ready to transport all your container as FCL-LEL from Iran to all countries or vice versa. Also, due to having a representative office in all ports of the country, all goods are transported by ship at the most appropriate rate, which is one of the advantages of this collection compared to other competitors.

Airway Transportation

By having authorized dealerships, this company provides you with the possibility of using air transport to transport and deliver your cargo to all parts of the world.

Railway Transportation

In the field of rail transportation, sarvar tarabar Company allows you to transport all bulk, public, bulky or food cargo by 60-ton wagons from Iran to all related countries through rail lines.

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Easy and safe transport with “Sarvar Tarabar”

Collecting cargo

Collect your shipments in Iran and abroad according to customs rules in the warehouses equipped with the collection


Standard packaging of your cargo before the loading process based on the principles of packaging and international rules and regulations, with the most competitive prices on the market

Providing consulting services

Choosing the best shipping method as well as the best shipping route can play a very colorful role in shipping quality. Our collection allows you to get advice from our technical experts before carrying out shipping.

What We Do?

We do all kind of projects in Transportation

Trust us…we will do it in best…We like any challenge in Transportation

Ground Transport

Ground transport

Ground transportation of all your cargo to all of the world



Leave all customs duties and clearance of your cargo to us. any time any where

Special Services

special services

sarvar tarabar beyond a transportation company



Carrying out all matters related to domestic and foreign transit as soon as possible

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