Today, in every country, goods are imported and exported in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the border and customs system. These tariffs, as well as tariffs, can vary from country to country, unlike other international shipping laws, which include international conventions and laws.

When a commodity is allowed to enter or leave a country, it is delivered to the customs office of that country so that after the law has been applied to it, the process of releasing the commodity takes place and permission to enter and exit is issued.

Our services in the field of cargo clearance:

The complexity of these laws, which can sometimes vary from commodity to commodity, has led many traders and merchants to entrust the process of clearing their goods to a natural or legal person specializing in the field.

Sarvar Tarabar to support logistics and technical experience in the field of customs clearance, prepared to carry Additionally, all customs procedures and customs clearance of goods as well as for our customers to do.

This complex, with its active and local agencies in many of the country’s customs, has the ability to perform the clearance process at a very high speed compared to other partners.