Airway Transport

In choosing this type of trasportation, perhaps the first question that comes to mind is when is it economical for us to use air transportation and when can we use it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of transportation? How do the rules of transportation in this method differ from other methods? And what services can our company provide to merchants and traders in the field of air transportation?

In the following, we intend to answer these questions.

When should air transport be used?

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of air transportation compared to other methods is its very high speed in moving of cargos. This feature makes air transportation our first choice when speed is important to us. Today, air transportation is usually carried out by giant cargo planes such as the Antonov 225 and an-124 or the Boeing 747. Also, this mode of transportation is more flexible than sea transportation due to the existence of numerous airports around the world, and for many countries that do not have access to open waters, it can be a good option at least in part.

What airline services do we offer?

With the support of having a communication link with more than 150 countries, Sarvar tarabar International Transportation Company will deliver all your cargo to your goals and objectives in the form of EXW, FOB, FCA.

Also, due to the fact that more than 90% of the cargo that are imported into the Iran through air transport enter Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport, our collection, with its representative office located in this airport, is in the process of performing administrative and customs procedures for goods.

On the other hand, this transportation group is ready to cooperate with you dear ones in performing services such as collecting and packing goods before air transportation.

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