With more than several decades of activity in the field of cargo transit (temporary transit, domestic and foreign transit) SarvarTarabar International Transportation Company has experienced representatives who provide full time Services at customs. Due to the specialization of this method of transportation, our experts, while fully familiar with the documents, transit methods, business affairs as well as customs formalities, provide the best and fastest services in the field of transit of your cargos.

The services of Server Trabar International Company in the field of transit can be summarized as follows:

1. Carrying transit cargo’s temporarily passing through neighboring countries to Iran’s customs

2. Carrying temporary goods crossing the border to neighboring countries

3. Carrying 20 & 40 ft and Open Top Containers from the country’s ports to all transit customs.

4. Traffic cargos that can be transported by the trailer and also transit of project cargos to the free and special economic zones of the country.

5. Transit of exhibition cargos.

6. Transit of air cargos from Imam Airport Customs to all incoming customs and ports.

7. Refer to all shipping lines and perform customs formalities, including the separation of warehouse receipts, consolidation of warehouse receipts.

8. Consulting in all areas of customs information, returned cargos, proprietary property and specialized cargos.


Foreign transit

domestic transit

Temporary crossing Transit