Maritime Transportation

Perhaps the largest and most important part of international transportion, is its maritime arena. nowadays around the world, more than 90% of cargos are transported by sea and using ships. Shipping has two main features, one is that it can be used to transfer a very significant volume compared to other methods and the second is, cheap cost of that compared to other shipping methods. These two features make maritime transportation an integral part of international trade. In general, shipping is the best option if shipping time is not important for you.

How can we help you with shipping?

Sarvar tarabar company is ready for the transfer of cargos by sea in the below ways, which we will learn more about in the following.

Shipping of cargos by Cross Stuffing method

In this technique, countries and ports that for any reason are not able to send cargos directly to Iran, with this method, goods can be transferred from the desired port to any of country. Cross-staffing, in short, means that the container is moved from one ship to another.

Shipping of cargo by Transshipment method

This method of transport refers to an transportation in which it is not possible to transport by sea from the moment of loading, and the process of this type of transport is usually accompanied by unloading and reloading the goods.

Shipping of cargos by Chartering method

To carry goods that take up a lot of space and volume; Or, according to their special physics, they have to enter the ship without packing, this method of transportation is used.

The Sarvar Tarabar company is able to transport this type of goods to any destination anywhere in the world according to your order by this method which is called chartering.

The services that can be provided in the maritime transport sector by this complex are:

1. Carrying all goods include (public, personal, traffic’s cargo), by all types of containers (20 feet, 40 feet, insole, Open Top) and carrying all bulk goods by bulk carrier ships.

2. As a forwarder, with experienced employees, and representation in all ports of the country, we offer you the best price for send containers from anywhere in the world.

3. Provide regular and safe services for the owners of cargo.

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